Important advice for your internship in the US

Please observe the following guidelines when completing and submitting your documents:

General information:

  • Send the complete application in an email with a maximum of one to three PDF files and name the individual files according to the content. NO FAX!
  • Remember to sign the Application Form (pages 3 and 4), Motivational Letter, Resume and Financial Security Statement.
  • Scan all documents legibly and right-side-up, for example, copy of passport should not be upside-down
  • Maximum size of PDF file: 8 MB; color scanning is not necessary, resolution should fall within the range of 200dpi to 300dpi
  • Scan Format: PDF.

Application Form, pages 1 - 4:

  • All dates must be in the American format MM-DD-YYYY
  • The date of departure must be maximum 30 days after the end of the internship/training.
  • Please check which J-1 visa category applies to you and check off either "Intern" or "Trainee" on the application form.
  • Your passport must be valid for the entire duration of your stay in the U.S., including the 30-day Grace Period after the internship/training.
  • Insurance policy (page 3): please check off boxes where applicable.

Motivation Letter:

  • Include the following aspects: training period, company name, previous jobs, responsibilities/projects as a future intern/trainee, cultural activities in the U.S., declaration of your intent to return to your home country and to leave the U.S. at the end of your internship/training.
  • Please sign.

Health Insurance:

  • A proof of insurance policy inclusive of insurance amounts must be provided.

Note: Interns/Trainees must have valid health insurance covering the period from their arrival date in the U.S. + 30 days after the end of their internship/training.


  • References/Certificates from former employers must contain a performance evaluation and must be signed.

Proof of Payment:

  • Please request an invoice if you wish to pay via bank transfer.
  • If paying via credit card, please specify the amount in $ on the Credit Card Authorization form.

Failure to follow the above instructions delays the processing of your application. This can adversely affect the timely issuance of your DS-2019, and thus the application of the J-1 visa.